About Us

  • "A truly inspirational and tranquil place"

Whilst most museums and art galleries judge their success by the number of visitors, we feel that the experience is more important. We have spent a lot of time and energy creating Sculpture by the Lakes and Simon has put even more time into creating the sculptures. Therefore we want to make sure that people can take the time to properly absorb it; to leave their busy lives behind and step into ours; to have the time and the space to fully appreciate the experience. For this reason we limit the number of visitors each day and do not allow children under 12 years old. The way we can achieve this is by taking online bookings only.

Like all of nature, this is a landscape that is constantly evolving and we are continually experimenting both sculpturally and in our planting and design. Apart from a few more mature trees, we started from scratch only four years ago so many of the trees and shrubs are still very young. We hope that you enjoy exploring and although there are paths throughtout the park there is no set trail to follow so we encourage you to take your time to search out the hidden gems.

If you are considering buying sculpture for your outdoor space most of the pieces are for sale. We can advise on which sculptures may be suitable for your space and installation.

Group Bookings

Sculpture by the Lakes is able to offer exclusive access to this beautiful venue for groups. Whether for photography, painting or for other artistic or inspirational activities, the setting is perfect for those seeking peace and tranquility and time to enjoy the outdoors without crowds. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.